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Krill Oil is back in stock

I’ve just received a new shipment of SYW Krill Oil. Order now at SYW Krill oil contains approximately double the omega-3 fats and the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin as other brands available in NZ. Also contains CLA. Imported from Nutratec Life Sciences Inc. Canada. We recommend taking in combination with a high dose, highly purified SYW ultra-refined fish oil. $65 bottle of 60 capsules

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New Products

It is with great excitement that we announce the arrival of some new products from Nutratec in Canada who are our Fish Oil suppliers. SYW CoQ10                      supports cardiovascular health promotes physical energy & stamina fights free-radical damage throughout the body promotes immune & cellular health supports normal blood pressure levels helps reduce the normal signs of aging $38 for 60 capsules   SYW High Potency Formula is a unique blend of antioxidant nutrients, vitamins & minerals designed to provide protection from free radical damage caused by again in both men & women.  High Potency Formula also helps to enhance memory

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