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Sugar – the Real Problem

The World is Waking Up to the Consequences of Sugar Addiction There have been several articles written over the summer about the obesity epidemic with it’s resulting damage to our health.  It is particularly interesting to see that the experts are starting to recognize that the main cause of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and the other conditions caused by underlying inflammation is caused by the amount of sugar in our diet.  One of my mantras is that “it isn’t fat that makes you fat, it’s sugar that makes you fat”.  I didn’t make that up of course, Dr Sears wrote

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A testimonial from a client 4 weeks after starting in the Zone: I am over the moon about the blood sugar levels being back to normal (wasn’t expecting that so soon as it was the three month test (but I didn’t start until after Christmas) so the next one will be lower still. Also am down to my ideal weight of 68 kgs from 73 kgs.  SW

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