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I recently heard from a client who doesn’t live in Wellington and I hadn’t spoken to for several years.  She is a diabetic and has struggled to control it.  She finally decided to buy a BlockBuilder and this is her response: “Hello Carol, parcel arrived this morning…have had a good look at the Block Builder..,…and it seems to be completely idiot proof!!! I kick started myself Zoning 100% this Monday…yes, only on Day 3 as I write….blood sugars in normal range ALL day. Insulin doses lessened remarkably, losing 1kg a day so far, that can slow down, as I don’t

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“Healthy” Snack Bars

Consumer has tested and commented on 35 snack bars sold in New Zealand.  it quite rightly says that most are high in sugar and saturated fats and are unhealthy. Consumer used the new health star rating system which has been introduced by the government.  It is a label on the front of the pack which gives consumers an “at a glance” guide to the nutrition value of food with five stars being the healthiest and one star being the most unhealthy.  Nine of the 35 bars received 3 stars or more with only four bars gaining four stars or more.

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