The Zone works because it’s not about denying the body food, or focusing on one food group, or following rigid meal plans. The principles of the Zone are based on balanced nutrition, our body’s hormonal response to food and cutting edge science.

Brief history

Developed by American research scientist Dr Barry Sears the Zone Nutrition programme has always been ahead of its time. The latest dietary thinking on good nutrition such as the low GI and GL diets and the value of the Mediterranean diet has always been established principles of the Zone.

Switch from fat storing to fat burning

The Zone diet offers a practical eating lifestyle by simply taking into account exactly what various foods contain and how they affect you. ProZone helps you to understand what you are eating and how it affects your body. We show you why by eating too much of some foods you may have no option but to store them as excess body fat. See how to make the food you eat work for you instead of against you. See how you can very simply switch your body from fat storing to fat burning. Through knowledge comes power and through the Zone comes a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

It’s about balance

ProZone consultations and Starter Packs simply explain the essence of Zone Nutrition, which is eating a balance of the three food groups – protein, carbohydrates and fat – at every meal and snack. We examine these foods groups, look at the common foods that are the most favourable or least favourable, and why. The Zone means no foods are forbidden but the more favourable food you eat, the better the results.

When you choose to select mainly favourable food in balance your body will feel different within just a few days. The many benefits include:

  • permanent weight control
  • increased energy levels
  • hunger and food cravings a thing of the past
  • feeling alert and energized after meals
  • improved sleep
  • feeling and looking better
  • improved sports performance
  • sharp mental clarity throughout the day
  • prevention of many diseases

To understand how to balance your food arrange a consultation with Carol. Once you know how to balance all meal and snacks it is easy. If you live outside of Wellington order a Starter Pack.  Existing clients, download our weekly meal planner.