How the Zone works

The Zone works because it’s not about denying the body food, focusing on one food group, or following rigid meal plans; the principles of the Zone are based on balanced nutrition, our body’s hormonal response to food and cutting edge science.

Zone Food

Zone food is ordinary supermarket and restaurant food. At ProZone we show you how to make the most favourable choices and how to eat them in a balance to access all the benefits of Zone Nutrition.

Zone Lifestyle

Successful weight control depends on being able to maintain a change in eating habits. ProZone’s emphasis is on showing you an easy practical ongoing eating lifestyle. We have personally been enjoying the benefits of Zone Nutrition since early 1997. It is just the normal everyday way that we eat.

Zone Science

This section gives an abbreviated picture of the science behind the Zone. Just as you do not need to know how your car works to drive it, to get into the Zone you do not need to understand how the Zone works. However if you want to know the hows and whys read on.

ProZone’s Story

Like many other people Carol had tried many diets and weight loss programmes. For over 10 years she followed conventional nutritional advice based on the “Healthy” Pyramid – eating carbohydrates like bread, rice and pasta with a small amount of lean protein and very restricted amounts of fat.

Diet Facts and Myths

ProZone brings you clarity on many of the diet facts and myths out there. Good nutrition is actually very simple, once one learns to recognise the facts from fiction.


See what other ProZone clients have been asking us, and read our responses. Feel free to ask any questions of your own as well. View all Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Does Zone Nutrition mean that I will never be able to eat my favourite foods again and have to worry about or not attend special occasions?

A: It is important that you do not feel that you can never eat certain things again or never go out and eat and drink what you want at times. Dr Sear’s has a wonderful saying : “You are only one meal away from the Zone”. This means that after you eat out of the Zone you simply get back in with your next meal so you pick up where you left off and get back to all the benefits.

Q: How good is your guarantee of free ongoing help, support and advice if I need it?

A: We have been in business since November 1998 and the success of our business depends on satisfied customers. We also have a passionate interest in sharing the gift of the Zone with as many people as we can. We are personally interested in the success of all our clients.