Successful weight control depends on being able to maintain a change in eating habits. ProZone’s emphasis is on showing you an easy practical ongoing eating lifestyle. We have personally been enjoying the benefits of Zone Nutrition since early 1997. It is just the normal everyday way that we eat.

Increased energy, decreased hunger

You can easily make permanent lifestyle changes in the Zone because you have increased energy, decreased hunger and kill food cravings and you have sharper mental focus, sleep better, feel better, look better and enjoy improved health.

The added bonus is that you switch from storing fat to burning body fat. These claims sound too good to be true but you will experience many of them within the first few days of eating in the Zone. Allow your body to tell you that what you are doing is right for it. The more favourable food choices you make, the more you will enjoy it and the easier it is. Eating too much unfavourable food can create hunger, food cravings, stress and weight gain.

Reducing carbohydrates

All the scientific research is now showing that our current weight and health problems are due to increasingly too much carbohydrate and the wrong types of carbohydrate in the present day diet. The Zone is simply a practical way that we can reduce carbohydrates to a healthy amount and make up the rest of what we need to eat with balancing amounts of good protein and healthy fat.

Positive food choices

The Zone Nutrition Program is not a “diet” in the conventional sense. Many people simply regard it as the empowerment through knowledge to make the best choices. No foods are completely forbidden, an allowance is made for the effects they produce. Of course the more favourable food you choose the easier it is and the better it works so if unfavourable foods are chosen they are best restricted to small accompaniments to meals.

You will be surprised to find when you stop regularly eating poor food choices e.g. refined breakfast cereals, potatoes, rice, pasta and white bread you do not miss them. However there is no guilt if you eat out of the Zone now and then. So what if you have a blow out occasionally? You simply get back into the Zone at your next meal and the benefits kick back in. As Dr Sears says, “you are only one meal away from the Zone”. Alcohol is easily incorporated into Zone nutrition. We don’t advocate that you increase your drinking but we simply treat alcohol as carbohydrate and suggest how you can balance it with a normal meal or snack to keep you in the Zone.