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Last Sunday (12 May) on the Good Sorts spot on TV1 there was a lovely lady who cooks good nutritious meals for her family of 6 for under $20 a day.  They always get protein and lots of vegetables.  She looks out for specials in the supermarket for both meat and vegetables.  It was a really heartwarming piece and dispelled the myth that people can’t afford to eat properly.

I’ve been using a slow cooker for stews, soups and a few other meals.  I’m pretty new to cooking (just goes to show that you are never to old to learn!) and am enjoying experimenting.  I can make the meals Zone balanced very easily.  It is nice to get home on these colder dark nights and have dinner ready to serve on a plate.  Just one slight word of warning is that Dr Sears suggests that if you cook protein and carbohydrates together for a long time you will tend to lose some of the value of the protein.  They can be cooked separately and combined towards the end of the cooking process.