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The latest North & South (September 2013) has an excellent article about carbohydrates titled “Carbohydrate Addiction is Real – and it’s killing us”.  It states that “the number of obese people in the world is now greater than the number who are starving” which is something I wrote about in an earlier blog.  Along with the obesity is the huge increase in people suffering diabetes.  In China there are 90 million people with the disease and in India 908,000 people died from related causes in 2011.

In New Zealand the statistics are just as frightening with the ever growing costs of healthcare and loss of productivity looking to seriously impact on the economy going forward.

We have seen clients come to us as out of control diabetics with the threat of insulin dependence looming, who have turned their lives around by changing their eating patterns to a balanced diet eating the right amount of good protein and minimizing the poor carbohydrates.  They have literally got their lives back and in many cases have been able to come off their medication.

Who do you know that is pre diabetic or recently diagnosed as a diabetic and is struggling with their condition and really knowing what to eat?  Tell them to give us a call and maybe we can help them.  Knowledge about what is happening to them and why it is happening is very powerful and we can give them some simple solutions.  Eating in the Zone does not have to be expensive.  It’s all about making the right choices.

Yours in the Zone