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Coconut Oil – is it okay?

Every time I give a presentation to a group I get asked about coconut oil. Below is Dr Sears comment from Dr Sears Zone Labs blog: Coconut Oil Some studies show that coconut oil has health benefits. They include benefits for the skin, hair and heart. Coconut oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids. It is also anti-microbial and anti-fungal. The smoke point of coconut oil is 350 degrees Fahrenheit and is safe for cooking. Coconut oil is believed to have the following health benefits: It may support heart health It may help with weight loss It may

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A Question of Couscous

A frequently asked question is what about couscous? Couscous is a grain and is counted as a carbohydrate and not a particularly favourable carb at that. In 1 cup (157 g) of cooked couscous there is Protein 6 g (less than 1 block) Carbohydrate 36 g (more than 5 blocks) Fat 0 Rather than using couscous, use cauliflower rice with lots of favourable vegetables like spinach, broccoli, some carrot and add fresh nuts, avocado or a good kiwi olive oil for fat.    

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We are frequently asked about this grain that is promoted as high in protein. It is high in protein for a grain but 50g quinoa contains 1 block of protein and almost 4 blocks of carbohydrate so it should really be treated as a carbohydrate rather than protein. The other limitation of grains as protein is that because they are high in fibre you don’t tend to absorb a lot of the protein from them.  The only vegetable that is truly high is protein is soy. Quinoa is low glycaemic so small amounts could be used to supplement lots of favourable

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Ricotta vs Cottage Cheese

I was asked the question about the difference between ricotta cheese and cottage cheese.  Ricotta is more pleasant than cottage cheese but ricotta, although relatively low in fat (saturated) compared to hard cheese, it is a lot higher in fat than cottage cheese.  This is the big advantage of cottage cheese: convenient protein with relatively low fat.

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Sleep and health

The 7 May 2010 Dominion Post reported on recent research published in the journal Sleep and carried out by the British University of Warwick in conjunction with the Frederico II University Medical School in Naples that involved analysing 16 studies involving a total of 1.3 million people. The study gave results that the researchers claim to be “unequivocal evidence” of a link between sleep deprivation and premature death. They noted that people who slept for less than six hours a day were 12% more likely to die before age 65 than those who slept the recommended six to eight hours

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