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Wallace Chapman’s Sunday Morning programme of 2/11/14 also included an interview with Dr Peter Gluckman who is scientific adviser to the NZ Government generally but with particular emphasis on the growing obesity problem.

Dr Gluckman who continually referred to himself as “fat” quoted the latest science on obesity but unfortunately did not come up with any useful practical information for the listeners except his support for banning fizzy drinks in schools.

Dr Gluckman emphasized that we are genetically programmed for obesity starting with the dietary behaviour of our mothers and fathers prior to our conception and particularly while our mother is pregnant, then followed by our early childhood nutrition.

Dr Barry Sears acknowledged this in his 1995 book ENTER THE ZONE and unlike Dr Gluckman, Sears went on to show us in this and subsequent books how to change the expression and effects of our genetic coding. Surprisingly this is simple: reduce carbohydrate intake and replace with a little lean protein and healthy fat at each meal, Sears called this The Zone Diet.

Wallace Chapman asked Dr Gluckman what a pregnant woman could do to avoid factors for obese genetic encoding for her unborn baby and Dr Gluckman replied she should get checked for gestational diabetes. True but not very helpful I am afraid. Carol has worked with many women who have been referred for gestational diabetes with great success  Again the solution is surprisingly simple – lower carbohydrate (i.e. sugar) intake and you lower blood sugar and the gestational diabetes (and genetic obesity encoding) improves.


Contributed by Kevin Bateman