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Last weekend (12 May) there was an interesting Insight programme on Chris Laidlaw’s show on National Radio about diabetes.  The terrifying truth is that the rate of increase in diabetes in this country is threatening to overwhelm our health system in the not too distant future.  Barry Sears has made the same observation in America where he says that diabetes is going to ultimately bankrupt the country.

Listening to the Insight programme there is so much positive work going on to try and educate people but there was an interview with a 52 year old woman who has Type 2 diabetes which was really disturbing.  Although she knows it’s not good for her she eats “a lot” of ice cream at least twice a week.  Can you imagine what that does to her blood sugar levels?  I know one of our clients used to eat a 2 litre tub of ice cream at one sitting!

The beauty of eating in the Zone is that you lose your sweet craving.  The better you do it, the better the results you get and diabetics can’t afford to cheat.  The consquences of out of control diabetes is loss of sight, renal failure and possible amputations.  Not something that I could live with if I knew that I could have prevented it by eating sensibly.  Dr Sears says that “food is the most powerful drug that you will ever take by mouth”.  How true and how lucky are we that we have the knowledge to eat the right food to control our blood sugar and insulin levels.