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avocado_188851[1]almond_nuts_food_237445[1]green_olives_201732[1]Handy Hint of the Week:

It’s not fat that makes you fat but sugar that makes you fat.  That doesn’t mean you can eat any amounts of fat but fat stops you feeling hungry.  If you eat low fat food add the appropriate amount of good fats into your meal or snack.  Good fats include olives, olive oil, avocado and nuts, especially almonds.

Olive Oil: New Zealand produces some of the best olive oils in the world and they are fresh whereas the imported ones from Italy, etc may be several years old by the time they get here.  Oils oxidise and become rancid so fresh is best.  A good test for olive oil is tasting it off a spoon.  It should taste fruity in the front of your mouth (often like nectarines) and peppery at the back of your mouth.  If you are cooking with olive oil only heat it to low medium temperatures but olive oil is great to add to food uncooked.

Nuts:  Three almonds or cashew nuts = 1 fat block.  Use raw rather than cooked to prevent oxidation.

Sesame seeds can be toasted and added to salads or made into tahini dips.

Avocado makes a fabulous spread.  Avocado oil can be used for cooking but only ever heat to low medium heat.

Peanut oil is good for cooking and adding to Asian food.  If peanut butter is your thing just be aware of the country of origin.  Sanitarium is made in Australia and is free of trans fats (hydrogenated oils).  There are also some good locally made natural peanut butters available in stores.

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