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pregnant-lady-3317833[1]I recently had a visit from a friend who was 33 weeks pregnant with her first baby.  She was told that she had gestational diabetes and because of that she was going to need to be on medication, was probably going to have a large baby that would need to be delivered by caesarian section and that she was at a high risk for developing diabetes later in life.  She was horrified that the diabetic clinic had not even asked her to keep a food diary.  Fortunately she knew about my services and came to see me.  Fortunately too she had kept a record of everything she had eaten for the last few days.  She is a beautiful slender woman and had not gained a much weight in her pregnancy but looking at her food diary I could see instantly that she was eating far too much unfavourable carbohydrate in the form of bread and crackers, and not eating enough good protein or good fat.  She went away with a BlockBuilder, our book and an idea of how much and what she should be eating to control her blood sugars.  When she went back to the Diabetic Clinic a couple of weeks later, her blood sugars were normal.  They were not thrilled that she was “doing her own diet” and suggested that she ate some more starchy foods such as bread and potatoes!  Fortunately she ignored their advice and continued to eat a well balanced diet for the duration of her pregnancy.  She delivered a gorgeous little girl at full term weighing 5 pound 11 with no complications and no caesarean.  Mother baby (& father) are doing well.

If you know somebody who is pregnant or wanting to be pregnant please send them to me for some good nutrition advice which can help them get through their pregnancy without complications.