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Contributed by Kevin Bateman

One of the perks of the Gold Card is free coffee at McDonalds® and an occasional coffee won’t do me any harm, especially a free one. With this incentive I checked out Mackers for a quick cheap lunch option and I discovered a reasonable choice that would be OK now and then to have with my now and then coffee. The McD Chicken Caesar Wrap. The cover on the seared (grilled) version showed per serving, protein 30.8g (4 blocks), fat 14.7g (5 blocks) and carbohydrate 29.3 (3.25 blocks). I discarded some of the wrap and enjoyed the caesar flavoured quality chicken tenders with my coffee for $7.

Why am I angry with McD with this deal? I believe these fast food places just can’t help themselves and shock horror, they discovered something on their menu that was not a health hazzard® when enjoyed occasionally so it had to go and it is not available any more. N.B. this is not the official McD explanation for discontinuing my McD Chicken Caesar Wraps. Not discontinued and still available is the Seared Chicken Sweet Chilli Wrap (we won’t go there with the also still available fried version). Seared Chicken Chilli Wrap is shown by McD to be protein 24.6g (3.5 blocks), fat 11g (3.6 blocks) but oh dear carbohydrate 46.1g (5 blocks). OK I could throw away most of the wrap for a pretty balanced 3.5 block meal but I choose to order this without the offending sweet chilli sauce and still throw away some of the wrap.