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Sorry it has been a while since you heard from me. It’s been a busy time since the end of April, starting off with our wedding, followed two days later by the terrible news that my sister is ill with a brain tumour. I had a visit to Australia to visit her which was lovely. She’s quite well at the moment, but the outlook is grim and she has just started 6-weeks’ of rigorous treatment. It just shows how vulnerable we all are and how we should look after ourselves, look after each other, don’t take life for granted, and enjoy every minute we can.

Eating in the Zone at least takes care of doing our best for ourselves. Supplementing with high dose ultra-refined fish oil helps turbo charge the Zone benefits and being happy and mindful is all beneficial.

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PureFit Bars


PureFit bars are coming to a supermarket near you!

After many months of work we have now been given the go ahead to supply the Foodstuffs stores with the PureFit bars. Our first order is packed and ready to go to at Thorndon New World in Wellington. The aim is to get them into as many stores as we can so you will never run out.

Please ask your local store to start stocking them. They will still be available from our online shop or directly from my office (please check that I will be in).

Order online here or through the website.

Quit Smoking 

With Vice Breaker

We have just received our first order of Vice Breaker, a herbal medicine to help you quit smoking. They come from the same company that produces our excellent fish oil products.


I only have a very limited supply, so get yours fast!
Bottles of 60 capsules are available for $178 each. 
Vice Breaker is a traditional herbal medicine which:
  • Helps you to quit smoking;
  • Helps to reduce nicotine dependence;
  • Helps to cleanse lungs;
  • 60 veggie caps in each bottle.

Caution: Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Contains: Lobelia inflata

For more information, please see the product brochure here.


Going into Winter we need to help boost our immune system to help us get through the season healthy and well.
Get in the Zone….

June and July Special

Only $350 or $399 for couples!

Winter Cooking Ideas

Going into Winter we need to help boost our immune system to help us get through the season healthy and well.
Get in the Zone….
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In the winter I tend to make a lot of soup and/or crockpot meals.

Soup is very comforting and nourishing. I make chicken soup using chicken carcasses and a small packet of Campbell’s salt reduced chicken stock as a base, along with chunks of carrot, onion, celery, whole peppercorns and a bit of salt.
I add the tenderloins about 30 minutes before I eat it, and then I know
how much protein I’m eating.

I also make meaty soup with beef (bones and meat), or you could use ham. A bought, or even made, vegetable soup is just carbs.
I avoid soups with pasta, potatoes and too many grains in them by buying tomato, mushroom or pumpkin soups (or, you could make your own). I then add to them with cottage cheese (or you could use gelatine) just before I eat it, as cottage cheese has protein.
Cottage cheese doesn’t have much flavour so it takes up the flavour of whatever you put it with.

There are endless recipes for crockpot meals. I avoid potatoes, pasta and other starchy carbs and instead load them up with favourable vegetables (carrots, onions, celery, leek, egg plant, beans, capsicums, or anything else you have) and lots of flavours. I also use tinned tomatoes and tomato paste, and often add a tin of chickpeas if I am using Moroccan flavours. Herbs and  spices are free in the Zone, but watch adding too much sweet sauce such as Sweet Thai Chilli sauce as they tend to be loaded in sugar. You can make meals Moroccan, Italian, Asian , or any combination you like.

Stir fries are also quick and easy. Chicken tenderloins are particularly useful in stir fries, along with lots of favourable vegetables and flavours.

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