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Whenever you restrict dense refined carbohydrates you are doing your health, weight and wellbeing a favour.

The following are equivalent amounts of sugar in teaspoons in typical servings:

pasta 180g serving = 8 tsp

rice 150 g serving = 10 tsp

potatoes 150 g = 6 tsp

kumara 150 g = 6 tsp

refined breakfast cereals 30 g = 7 tsp

fruit juice 1 glass = 6 tsp

banana = 6 tsp

parsnip = 4 tsp

sultanas 60 g = 8 tsp

Instead of pasta, make zoodles with zucchini and a spiraliser.

Make cauliflower rice instead of rice.

Use new potatoes sparingly rather than old starchy ones or use celeriac as an alternative.

Use orange kumera rather than the purple ones as they are less dense starch.

Avoid glasses of fruit juice, bananas and dried fruit altogether.