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There was an excellent article in the DomPost on Monday (April 6) outlining how obesity is now a bigger problem than hunger in the world.  This is a terrifying scenario and has serious consequences for the global economy.

According to the Global Burden of Disease Study published in the Lancet nearly 30 percent of the world’s population is overweight or obese.  That is nearly two and a half times more than the number of people who are undernourished.  It is estimated that if the current trend continues, that almost half of the world’s population will be overweight by 2030.

The burden on the health system and the economy will be overwhelming if the tide is not turned very soon.  According to the McKinsey Global Institute there are many interventions that could be used to address the problem.  These include subsidized school meals, urban design that encourages walking, better nutritional labeling and restrictions on the advertising of high-calorie food and drinks.

We need to urgently teach good nutrition including what foods are and what they do to you, how to prepare and cook them and how to balance them to get the most benefit from what you eat.  This is called Zone nutrition which is based on good scientific research.

The January 2005 edition of the highly respected international scientific journal Diabetologia concluded that in the context of a year-long comparative diet study from Otago University that “the HP (sic) Zone Diet appears to be the most appropriate overall approach to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes” It is also the best dietary strategy for those who already suffer from these conditions. Read more on this study.

Zone Nutrition has proved very effective in improving diabetes and reducing the necessity for medication. The reason for this is twofold and simple:

  1. We show people how to eat appropriate foods to put less sugar into their bloodstream. This means less demand on their body and less medication required to lower their blood sugar levels.
  2. Improved ability of insulin to provide the body’s cells with access to blood sugar. Impaired ability to take sugar from the bloodstream is caused by inflammation – Zone Nutrition is anti- inflammatory.

There are lots of benefits from eating in the Zone.  Weight loss is the bonus.

If you want to know about how to control your weight and improve your health contact us at ProZone.