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ProZone is very happy to announce it is now the New Zealand distributor of PureFit® bars.  Our first shipment has landed and is flying out the door.

We have seven delicious flavours including the new Peanut Butter Toffee Crunch and I am happy to supply boxes mixed with all flavours or just your favourites if you specify them when you place your order.

Go to our shop and order online now or, if you are in Wellington, pop into the office to collect them.  Please text or phone first to make sure that I am in the office.

The bars are perfectly balanced for the Zone and are gluten free, vegan and non dairy.  They are perfect to keep in the car or your handbag if you haven’t got time to buy lunch or a snack or get caught up in meetings.  They are also excellent for travelling and they won’t melt.  For more information about the bars go to