The Zone is not another fanciful fad diet dreamed up on a whim, it is based on scientific research into our body’s hormonal response to food. Our hormones have been with us for thousands of years so won’t change with the next fad.

At ProZone the science is simplified and demonstrated in an easy to follow presentation. We simply take a cold scientific look at exactly what common foods contain and how they affect us. We follow the nutrients from food into the bloodstream and observe the factors that determine whether they will be burnt for energy or stored as fat. This is the magic of the Zone.

It is easy to switch your metabolism from storing fat to burning fat from the knowledge gained at the consultation or in one of the Starter Packs. Basic science and plain logic back up the suggestions made on the best food items to eat or restrict and how to eat them. Many people identify from personal experience the outcome of eating an excess of unfavourable foods. Whether you choose to eat in the Zone or not, food will still have these same effects. The real test is of course how it works for you. All of our clients who have started and continued with the program have been delighted with the results.

Ongoing free support

The product we are actually selling in the consultation and the Starter Packs is knowledge. We give you the knowledge and ability to use the food you eat to bring about dramatic changes in your life. We never charge for this knowledge again, that is why all our ongoing help, support and advice is free of charge.

Most people just go away and do it but some people do need a bit of advice or support from time to time. That is up to you and as a ProZone client you are very welcome to any help we can give you. We are there for you.

How do I get started

If you are based in Wellington, or able to come down to Wellington, booking a private consultation is the best way to get into the Zone.

If you are unable to meet in person in Wellington, I can send you out one of our Starter Packs.

Both methods of getting started will teach you about balancing the different food groups and provide you helpful tools and products to see you on your successful way.

I am happy to talk to groups of people and I will consider coming to your area by arrangement if there are a group of you who would like to “get in the Zone” together.

ProZone recipes

The ProZone recipes are designed to tempt your taste buds and satisfy your hunger for more than 4 hours. View a range of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. View all ProZone recipes

Success stories

What are doctors and our clients saying about ProZone? View all ProZone testimonials

Comment from the medical profession

Dr Patricia Bassett, Whitby Doctors
I was first introduced to the Zone way of eating by patients who had been to ProZone. They had lost weight, dropped their cholesterol and were very happy with their recommended way of eating. Other people have told me their hay fever and sleeping has improved whilst eating in the Zone. After about a year of being badgered I decided it was time to contact Carol and Kevin to see what they could do for me.

I found the Zone way of eating to be balanced protein, carbohydrates and fats where you eat normal food. I can choose what to eat but the emphasis is on healthy choices. I found that I lost weight without feeling deprived and had more energy at the end of a busy day. I like that the Zone is a way of eating rather than a ‘diet’ and that it has lots of variability along with ability to splurge now and then. I continue to eat in the Zone as it makes me feel better.

Comment from a ProZone client

Just a quick note to say a great big thank-you for changing my life around! Its been two weeks that I’ve been happily living in the Zone. Today I measured my waist, since my clothes were starting to feel rather loose – and found it was 8 cm smaller than it was a fortnight ago. Not sure whether this is a lot or just average, but it’s great!

I have followed the instructions to the letter – though the last fortnight has included quite a few meals away from home, plus a three-day sailing trip – and have found it easy to stay in the Zone. Love the food – and I know my body does too. Also love the higher seratonin! (and the clear head, the extra energy, and the increased agility from the lighter body). All just as predicted, except the speed of response, which has taken even optimistic me by surprise. The main benefit though is that it doesn’t feel like a diet! Just a better way of eating.

Kevin Bateman Clinical Hypnotherapy

ProZone has a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. For this reason we recommend Kevin Bateman Hypnotherapy to encompass the mind, body and spirit approach to wellness and wellbeing. Good nutrition is essential to wellbeing and while most people will feel energised and satisfied with no more food cravings or wanting to eat sweet food, some people have emotional issues around food. For these people, as with other emotional matters, hypnotherapy can be very useful.

Kevin is a fully qualified hypnotherapist trained in hypnotherapy in both New Zealand and USA. Kevin has a Diploma of Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy from Alpha Hypnosis and is a NZ Registered* Hypnotherapist and a Professional Member and of the NZAPH (NZ Association of Professional Hypnotherapists). Read more about Kevin Bateman Hypnotherapy