Get in touch with ProZone

If you are interested in finding out more about the Zone Nutrition programme I am happy to answer any questions you may have. All of my clients are welcome to contact me with any questions, comments or problems.


M 021 215 8346


Client support

This services listed below  are available to all our ProZone seminar and Starter Pack clients.


We welcome your comments and feedback. Just email us your thoughts and experiences in the Zone to let us know how you’re getting on.


We are interested in your progress and welcome your questions. If you want further information or have any questions please email them through to us. We will get back to you with our reply.

Progress reports

Some clients find it helpful to share measurement changes, regular progress and problems. All ProZone seminar and Starter Pack clients are welcome to email us their changes weekly, fortnightly or monthly along with comments.  The measurements we need are: height, weight, waist and hip measurement (women) or waist, weight and wrist (men). We will be here to help you keep track and support you.  NB: waist measurement should be taken at the navel, hips at the widest point and wrist at the bend on the wrist you write with.


If you are not getting the expected benefits from your Zone Nutrition eating plan download the ProZone Food Journal (pdf) and fill in 3 days typical eating in the Zone Meal Planner below and email Carol.

Record the number of blocks each meal represents and type in your food choices, please include the amount of all food items then record yes or no to the questions at the bottom of each meal box to record how you felt after each meal or snack. We will reply with tailored advice and support. N.B. it is important that you record everything that you eat and drink for the whole day so keep records as you go for the next few days and do not attempt to remember what you ate for the last few days.

I am also happy to see clients again to discuss problems or if you just want to be reassured about what you are doing. As an existing client there is no cost for a follow up consultation.