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The Continuing Obesity Debate

Wallace Chapman’s Sunday Morning programme of 2/11/14 also included an interview with Dr Peter Gluckman who is scientific adviser to the NZ Government generally but with particular emphasis on the growing obesity problem. Dr Gluckman who continually referred to himself as “fat” quoted the latest science on obesity but unfortunately did not come up with any useful practical information for the listeners except his support for banning fizzy drinks in schools. Dr Gluckman emphasized that we are genetically programmed for obesity starting with the dietary behaviour of our mothers and fathers prior to our conception and particularly while our mother

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Dear Carol Thanks so much for your help, after being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at week 28 of my pregnancy I was told that I might need to be prescribed  insulin to control my sugar levels for the last 12 weeks of my pregnancy and more than likely need inducing early under the care of the hospital doctors and not my lovely midwife that I trusted and built up a rapport with from the beginning. As I have always been healthy, slim and fit I do not fit the standard Gestational Diabetes mold this was a complete shock! Thanks to following your advice, I

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Gestational Diabetes

I recently had a visit from a friend who was 33 weeks pregnant with her first baby.  She was told that she had gestational diabetes and because of that she was going to need to be on medication, was probably going to have a large baby that would need to be delivered by caesarian section and that she was at a high risk for developing diabetes later in life.  She was horrified that the diabetic clinic had not even asked her to keep a food diary.  Fortunately she knew about my services and came to see me.  Fortunately too she had

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