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Food-Star Rating System a Shambles

Dietary Guides are still not helpful Health authorities in NZ keep wringing their hands and admonishing us about our increasing obesity rates and the associated increase in the incidence of type 2 diabetes and other ills. I believe that these authorities themselves in their muddled confusion around the subject and the influence from self- interested corporates are actually contributors to the problem rather than helpful advisers. This was yet again borne out by an article about NZ’s foods star system in the 26 July 2015 Sunday Star Times. The system is intended to help shoppers make healthier choices about processed

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Important update on pasta

The Dominion Post 28/10/14 had an article about the effects of reheating pasta on its Glycaemic Index (GI). It is well known that when pasta is cooled it gives a lower spike of blood sugar (i.e. lower GI). It was assumed that when it is reheated that the pasta would revert to producing high blood sugar. This reheating theory was tested by 5:2diet author Dr Micheal Mosley and Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, Chris van Tulleken from University College London. The results of this research is groundbreaking – not only did the reheated pasta not revert to its origin higher

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