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Keeping Up With ProZone – September 2021

Carol’s Corner   It’s been a pretty stressful last few weeks with the arrival of the Delta variant of COVID-19 in New Zealand and subsequently being placed back under alert levels 3 and 4. This lockdown seems to have been more difficult for many people, possibly because we’ve had a very large outbreak affecting mainly younger people. Last year we did our lockdown at our home at Himatangi Beach. Unfortunately, with the sudden and short notice of this lockdown we got stuck in our apartment in Wellington. Fortunately, we are in the middle of town so we have the waterfront

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Keeping Up With ProZone – June 2021

Carol’s Corner The Zone vs. Alternative Diets   There is a lot of interest in alternative diets such as paleo & keto (which used to be called the Atkins diet). The other one that many people are intrigued by is intermittent fasting, either the 5/2 diet or variations on that such as the one below that Kevin tried. Kevin and I first started eating in the Zone about 24 years ago. The science behind eating this way, as developed by Dr. Barry Sears, made a lot of sense to us and we both ended up with very positive benefits. Kevin

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Fat is not the problem…

Handy Hint of the Week: It’s not fat that makes you fat but sugar that makes you fat.  That doesn’t mean you can eat any amounts of fat but fat stops you feeling hungry.  If you eat low fat food add the appropriate amount of good fats into your meal or snack.  Good fats include olives, olive oil, avocado and nuts, especially almonds. Olive Oil: New Zealand produces some of the best olive oils in the world and they are fresh whereas the imported ones from Italy, etc may be several years old by the time they get here.  Oils oxidise and

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