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Keeping Up With ProZone – July 2018

  Carol’s Corner  Tree Planting Recently our Rotary club joined with Wellington City Council and some locals to plant 320 trees on Mt Victoria. We were lucky with the weather on a lovely Sunday morning. Rotary has a project to plant trees all around the world – at least one for every member of Rotary (over 1.3 million members). It was a very rewarding exercise, and afterwards we had a lovely shared barbecue cooked by the local neighbours. It was very easy to “Zone” the lunch, with lovely beef steak and magnificent salads – I just avoided the bread and potatoes.

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Coconut Oil – is it okay?

Every time I give a presentation to a group I get asked about coconut oil. Below is Dr Sears comment from Dr Sears Zone Labs blog: Coconut Oil Some studies show that coconut oil has health benefits. They include benefits for the skin, hair and heart. Coconut oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids. It is also anti-microbial and anti-fungal. The smoke point of coconut oil is 350 degrees Fahrenheit and is safe for cooking. Coconut oil is believed to have the following health benefits: It may support heart health It may help with weight loss It may

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A Question of Couscous

A frequently asked question is what about couscous? Couscous is a grain and is counted as a carbohydrate and not a particularly favourable carb at that. In 1 cup (157 g) of cooked couscous there is Protein 6 g (less than 1 block) Carbohydrate 36 g (more than 5 blocks) Fat 0 Rather than using couscous, use cauliflower rice with lots of favourable vegetables like spinach, broccoli, some carrot and add fresh nuts, avocado or a good kiwi olive oil for fat.    

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LSA – linseed, sesame, almonds

I often get asked about LSA.  What about LSA?   LSA is made from almonds which are healthy monounsaturated fat,  linseed  which are omega-3 polyunsaturated fat but 90% less effective than omega-3 in marine oils so have no benefit, and sesame which Dr Sears uses to potentiate his omega-3 fish oil. It’s a pity about the vegetable omega-3 in linseed, plus it is all ground up so it is much more readily oxidized.  This creates harmful fats. It is much better to use good natural fats in whole (raw) almonds, pistachios, peanuts, olive oil and avocado to name a few. We

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Zone Sweet Oat Cakes & Cheese Oat Cakes

  makes six 1 block cakes        8 Prozone scoops rolled oats 2 PZ scoops wheat bran flakes 3 scoops Prozone protein powder ½ tsp baking powder 3 small dried apricots & 18 almonds finely chopped ½ tsp stevia (optional of you want sweetness) ½ cup low fat cottage cheese 2 egg whites 1 tsp olive oil ½ cup water plus ¼ cup water extra   Mix dry ingredients, mix in olive oil then cottage cheese. Add egg whites and mix in to make a stiff dough. Add a little water inf necessary. Take 6 even tbsps. Of mixture and

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