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Keeping Up With ProZone – June 2021

Carol’s Corner The Zone vs. Alternative Diets   There is a lot of interest in alternative diets such as paleo & keto (which used to be called the Atkins diet). The other one that many people are intrigued by is intermittent fasting, either the 5/2 diet or variations on that such as the one below that Kevin tried. Kevin and I first started eating in the Zone about 24 years ago. The science behind eating this way, as developed by Dr. Barry Sears, made a lot of sense to us and we both ended up with very positive benefits. Kevin

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Fish Oil debate

Following the release last week of a study carried out by the University of Auckland Liggins Institute that found many fish oils on the market contain a third less omega-3 fatty acids than claimed on the label, I want to reassure my customers that the See Yourself Well (SYW) Omega-3 sold by ProZone is certified to the highest standards for fish oil quality in the world, the International Fish Oil Standard (IFOS) 5 star rating.  This is the highest quality IFOS rating whose certification guarantees the safety of SYW fish oil and assures you that you cannot get a higher

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Supplement Specials

Some exciting specials on some of our top quality brand See Yourself Well products: CoQ10 for your heart health  now $30 (usually $38)   ORAC Premium High-Potency Liquid Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Supplement  now $55 (usually $65)   High Potency Formula Anti-oxidant, Multi-vitamin and Mineral Formula  now $37 (usually $45)   Specials available while stocks last.

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