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Avocados are a great source of good monounsaturated fatty acids plus vitamins A,B & D. Handy hint: Use avocado as a spread rather than butter or margarine which may have saturated fat or even worse, trans fats in them. Avocado tastes great and goes with most things. Handy hint: after you have used the avocado, turn the skin inside out and rub over your face previously dampened with warm water. Leave for 5 minutes then wash off leaving lovely smooth skin. One block snack:  Three Arnott’s crackers (oblong ones), avocado as a spread.  Put a pate of tinned salmon and low

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Fat is not the problem…

Handy Hint of the Week: It’s not fat that makes you fat but sugar that makes you fat.  That doesn’t mean you can eat any amounts of fat but fat stops you feeling hungry.  If you eat low fat food add the appropriate amount of good fats into your meal or snack.  Good fats include olives, olive oil, avocado and nuts, especially almonds. Olive Oil: New Zealand produces some of the best olive oils in the world and they are fresh whereas the imported ones from Italy, etc may be several years old by the time they get here.  Oils oxidise and

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New Heart Foundation Recommendations

The NZ Heart Foundation’s new revised healthy food choice advice has been released and published in the 7th November edition of the The Dominion Post. They have distanced themselves from their old failed model by scrapping the well known Pyramid completely and have replaced it with a stylized heart. The new advice recommends consuming food groups in what appears to be approximately the following proportions: 40% vegetables and fruit – eat most 25% breads, cereals, grains, starchy vegetables – eat some 15% fish, meat, chicken, legumes, eggs 12% milk, yoghurt, cheese 5% oils, nuts – use some 3% cut back on

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