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Handy Hint: Water Drops

Water Drops I always start my day off every morning with a lemon squeezed in hot water. We recommend that our clients drink plenty of water but some people don’t like drinking plain water. If you want to add a bit of flavour to your water and don’t have any lemons available, you can buy water drops in various flavours including lemon lime and strawberry.  These are slightly sweetened with stevia and you only need a few drops in a glass to make it taste good.  You could also put it in hot water instead of tea for a change. They

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When Weight Loss Stops

Weight loss can be tricky.  Sometimes, even when you’re doing all the right things, weight loss can come to a screeching halt.   This can happen for a number of reasons, but, more often than not, it’s comes down to something that requires a serious lifestyle change to fix. Here are 5 of the most common, yet not-so-obvious reasons you’re not losing weight, plus some tried-and-true.   1. You’re Stressed “Stress is the silent killer.” This is especially true when it comes to weight loss. Stress releases cortisol (often simply referred to as “the stress hormone”)—and in today’s society, excessively high

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