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Keeping Up With ProZone – February 2019

Carol’s Corner  Happy New Year everyone.  It’s scary to think that it’s already halfway through February, but we’ve been enjoying such a lovely summer the time has just gone.   We spent almost 6 weeks at our beach place, apart from the odd trip home to pack parcels and sort a few things, during which we’ve enjoyed lovely walks on the beach for an hour early every morning.  I take bags and pick up rubbish on the beach which is mostly relatively clean. Apart from bits of plastic, rope, dirty nappies, and lolly papers, we also found several pairs of perfectly

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Featured Article – Three Hormones That Could Be Affecting Your Weight

Featured Article Three Hormones That Could Be Affecting Your Weight From Dr Sears Lab Many of the problems that prevent us from reaching our weight loss goals are due to hormonal imbalance. If you are careful about your food choices, exercise regularly and still aren’t seeing the scale budge, your hormones may be to blame. When trying to reach the Zone, you’ll often hear us talk about the importance of hormonal control. When our hormones are unbalanced it can accelerate the aging process, decrease our overall wellness, and hinder our ability to perform or maintain our weight.  Here we’ll focus specifically on

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Important update on pasta

The Dominion Post 28/10/14 had an article about the effects of reheating pasta on its Glycaemic Index (GI). It is well known that when pasta is cooled it gives a lower spike of blood sugar (i.e. lower GI). It was assumed that when it is reheated that the pasta would revert to producing high blood sugar. This reheating theory was tested by 5:2diet author Dr Micheal Mosley and Trust Me, I’m a Doctor, Chris van Tulleken from University College London. The results of this research is groundbreaking – not only did the reheated pasta not revert to its origin higher

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