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banner3banner5Zone nutrition is usually mislabeled as a “high protein” diet. It is in fact “protein adequate” in that we work out how much protein you need to eat each day to maintain your muscle mass.  Once you reach 30 you start to lose muscle and eating in the Zone protects your muscle mass so while you may lose weight you do not lose muscle.

We had one client who went from a size 16 to a 10 but only lost one kilo on the scales.  Her body shape changed completely but she lost fat but not muscle.

The other important factor is to drip feed that protein during the day every time you eat.  Most people eat carbs for breakfast (cereal & toast), carbs for lunch (sandwiches and paninis) with more carbs in between (biscuits and muffins) and then have the bulk of their protein intake at night for their dinner.  We advocate eating protein every time you eat balanced with good carbs and good fat.  This will switch your body from storing fat into burning fat for energy so you will feel better, have more energy, sleep better, lower blood pressure and cholesterol if you need to and control your sugar levels and insulin levels all day which will also reduce inflammation in your body.  The bonus is weight loss if you need it.

Why would you choose to eat any other way?

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