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I feel a bit prophetic after writing my blog on Friday about having some emergency rations like Zone bars on hand just in case.  I hope that everybody came through the earthquakes okay.

I live on the top floor of an apartment building on the Terrace in the middle of Wellington.  We had a smashing time up there with things flying off shelves and breaking.  The worst casualty, apart from my nerves, was an unopened bottle of port bought duty free a few days earlier.  I’ve lived in Wellington all my life and have been through lots of earthquakes but never one like that before.  It was very scary.  At least nobody was hurt.

Yesterday the city was an eerie ghost town with most buildings and shops closed.  We were lucky the earthquake happened on the weekend as I’m sure people would have got hurt by falling masonry and the glass that is littering the streets.

I apologise to people that have not received their orders yet but the building my office is in has only just opened again and the lift is still not working.  I’m getting very fit walking up to the 7th floor.  All should be back to normal tomorrow.

I reiterate that the PureFit bars are a perfect thing to have in your emergency kit.  Together with bottled water you could survive for several days on them.

You can buy PureFit bars here from my online shop.

Be safe & keep smiling.