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Contributed by Kevin Bateman

In my last blog I moaned about McDonalds® discontinuing my favoured lunch choice option. I often have Middle Eastern kebab salads for lunch. The food court in the BNZ centre in Wellington has two places that make these, Kebab Queen and Jim Bom. I prefer Jim Bom, a small place that also does pasta and pizza so eyes right there. For about $8 you get a heap of fresh salad with sauces and a generous serving of lamb or chicken or a mix of both. These meals come naturally without bread or rice.

There are also Middle Eastern places in Courtney Place e.g. Sahara where you can also order these sort of meals but you will probably need to specify no rice if you want to a Zone lunch. Petone also has a couple of good places; I like Kilim which has lots of good choices. There are also a couple in Lower Hutt, I found Palms in the VIC area a bit dearer than some of the others.