The Questions at the top of this page relate to The Zone Diet. The questions below relate to specifically to the ProZone service.

The Zone Diet

Does Zone Nutrition mean that I will never be able to eat my favourite foods and have to worry about special occasions?

It is important that you do not feel that that you can never eat certain things again or go out and eat and drink what you want at times.  Dr Sears has a wonderful saying that you are “only one meal away from the Zone”.  This means that after you eat out of the Zone you simply get back in with your next meal so you pick up where you left off and get back to enjoying all the benefits.

I have read Dr Barry Sears’ books so how can you help me?

Many of the people we have seen have read Dr Sears books but have had difficulty understanding the concepts, found the food and weights and measures very “American”.  We “kiwi-ise” and simplify the Zone.  Our consultation includes using our Block Builder to show you how to easily convert and adapt your current meals to be Zone friendly.  You also receive the ProZone book which has over 100 recipes in it written specifically for New Zeland and Australia using familiar food mostly available from the supermarket.  We do have a version of the Block Builder available for the American market.  During the consultation you can ask questions and we can address specific concerns.

Is the Zone safe for diabetics?

Diabetics benefit dramatically from eating in the Zone.  Because we show you how to eat to lower your blood sugar you need to take less blood sugar lowering medication.  Under guidance from their medical practitioners diabetics find that they can either reduce their medication or, in some cases, come off it completely.  There has been scientific research that validates the Zone as the best dietary approach to diabetes including an article in the January 2005 edition of the respected international medical journal Diabetologica about a study carried out at Otago University.

Will I have to count calories and weigh everything?

Zone nutrition does not count calories.  At the consultation we show you how to balance food with very little measuring and virtually no weighing.


How is ProZone’s programme any different from all the rest?

We believe that there are many features of ProZone’s service that are unique including our “guarantee of free ongoing help, support and advice” and our no nonsense presentation of the facts about food.  We simply show you the foods that are likely to make you fat and sick and why, as well as giving you practical alternatives.  Our advice is based on scientifically proven concepts.  ProZone is not a franchise and all our clients are entitled to direct contact with Carol who, with Kevin, is a founder of the company.

What is your success rate?

We honestly do not know the answer to this question although an internet survey of our clients done at the end of 2012 said there was a 98% satisfaction rate with our service.  We regularly hear from a lot of our clients but many just go away and do it and we may not hear of them again until we get a referral from them as happy clients maybe 6 months later.  What we do know is that if you do it, it works and once you become one of our clients we will never give up on you.

How good is you guarantee of free ongoing help, support and advice?

We have been in business since 1998 and the success of our business depends on satisfied customers.  We also have a paassionate interest in sharing the gift of the Zone with as many people as we can.  We are personally interested in the success of our clients.

If, as you claim, your programme is designed to use “real” food why do you sell packaged products?

We teach and encourage you how to eat in the Zone using ordinary supermarket food however many of our clients are busy people who want the addtional convenience of balanced snacks when they are on the go.  To meet these demands we stock convenient Zone balanced products such as Purefit nutrition bars.  There is no compulsion for you to buy these from us but they can be convenient when travelling or attending meetings and they cost the same as a cup of coffee.

We also have our own brand of protein powder which is made specially for us in New Zealand.  It is useful to use for making balanced snacks and is like buying any other food item.

If you are interested in taking supplements or want to get the full health benefits from your Zone eating lifestyle the supplements that we recommend above all others are highly purified omega-3 fish oil and krill oil.  This is only a recommendation and is not compulsory.