Zone Instructors

Do you want to become a Zone Certified Instructor

  • Earn extra income
  • Flexible location
  • Using a long established research based proven system
  • Support provided (mentoring & training)
  • Add value to existing clients or find new clients

If you are interested in becoming certified to teach the Zone we run courses over 2 days.  There is a cost and an examination at the end.

Please contact to find out more.


Carol Green        

Zone Certified Instructor (USA)

Founder and owner of ProZone since 1998.  Carol was certified by Barry Sears’ Eicotech Corporation in 1999 after completing a course in San Francisco. The following year she did an advanced course and has been involved teaching the Zone ever since.

Her background is Medical Science particularly in the field of Cytology (cancer diagnosis) for 33 years including 30 years at Valley Diagnostic Labs as Head of Department.  She has also owned and run a café & bar and gym in Wellington’s CBD.

Carol does private consultations, group workshops and presents to numerous groups including businesses, gyms, Rotary clubs, schools and other groups who want to hear about good nutrition based on sound science.

Carol can be contacted at email: or 021 2158346


Sha Bannister-Plumridge       sha

Kia ora my name is Sha Bannister-Plumridge and I am a trained Personal Trainer and certified Prozone coach. I have huge passion for the fitness industry and have a desire to help others reach their personal health and fitness goals.  My goal is to motivate, educate and encourage others towards a more positive, healthy and active lifestyle through physical fitness and smart eating. 

My husband and I started eating in the Zone about a year and a half ago and we will never look back.  I totally agree that Zone eating is very simple to follow and for us it was very easy to include it in our lifestyle.  I used to crave sweet foods and be very fatigued in the afternoons. After meeting with Carol it was clear I was eating way too many carbs and setting myself up for cravings and my afternoon nana nap. 

I currently work as a sports co-ordinator at a college in the Palmerston North and teach classes at a Fitness club called ATP.  It is here at ATP that members are reaping the benefits of the zone and I am loving sharing the knowledge that Carol has taught me.  Many of my clients have tried well known diets programs but this one has been the most simple and fits well into everyday life. 

The key for success is to be organised and plan in advance.  I love this saying that Carol says “you are only one meal away from the Zone”.

Sha is based in Palmerston North and can be contacted at email: or on 021 2742226


Heike Fetting     Heike_small (1009x1024)

I had a very personal struggle with food, even being almost anorexic when I was a teenager. I tried every diet under the sun with very short-lived results. Usually, I would put all the weight back on (or even more) soon afterwards. I was never happy, and food seemed to be my nemesis. I have always exercised but no amount of exercise could get me where I wanted to be. I always craved for chocolate and sweets and with every new diet my physical (and mental) performance would suffer because I lacked energy.

My passion for fitness led me to become a trainer and gym instructor and I learned a bit more about nutrition. The first time I heard about the Zone was at a gym I was working at a few years back and shortly after, I got in touch with Carol from ProZone to find out more about it. Still, it took me some time to really try the Zone because I had the funny idea that it might be too complicated.

When I finally did, however, I was absolutely blown away by the results. In the next few weeks, my body fat just melted away, I gained muscle and my energy levels just went through the roof. But the best of all was that I never ever felt hungry! On the contrary, sometimes I struggled to eat all the blocks I had been allocated. And it was not complicated at all. Sure, it took a little bit of measuring and thinking at the beginning but now I just need to look at a food and I know how many blocks it is. It just became second nature.

The Zone helped me to achieve a very big goal: to compete in the National Firefighter Combat Challenge, said to be the “toughest 2 minutes in sports”. I am a volunteer firefighter and I just wanted to be able to complete the course which includes a stair-climb with a high-rise pack, hose hoist, forcible entry, hose advance, and a victim rescue – all in full gear and wearing a breathing apparatus. Not only did I complete the course, I also came 2nd place in my age category –  thanks to the Zone which provided me with the right amount of energy throughout my training and the actual event.

As a ProZone consultant I would like to share the key to my success with as many people as possible. If everyone was eating in the Zone, illnesses of modern society like Diabetes II would not exist. Eating your way to better health is possible – and not complicated at all.

Heike Fetting, 47 years old Technical Translator and Fitness Trainer

Heike is based in Eastbourne and can be contacted at email: or on 021 901729