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Carol’s Corner

Surviving Supermarket Shopping


Recently I saw a joke on Facebook that went along the lines of, “I’ve just been to the supermarket and now I’m the proud owner of Aisle 4.”

Shopping can be a real trap, especially for young players, unless you are disciplined or are aware of how to get it right.

Here are some ideas for food shopping in the supermarket:

1. Make a list and stick to it.

2. Shop online so you don’t cheat.

3. Read labels.

4. Only go around the outer aisles in the supermarket which have vegetables, fruit, meat, and dairy products. That means you miss out on the chocolate, chippies, biscuits, soft drinks, and other less favourable choices.

5. Eat a balanced snack before you go so you’re not tempted to put something “naughty” in your cart.

If you need some help to shop sensibly or have any other questions or queries, you can contact me via my Contact Form.

Fish Oil

Omega-3 in adequate quantities is missing from our diet no matter how much salmon you eat (and I eat a lot!). Omega-3 is beneficial for your brain, your heart, and your joints, as well as your eyes, skin, and fingernails.

I only sell SYW Omega-3 which has a five-star international fish oil rating. You can check every batch online where it is rated for purity, strength, and oxidation.

I recommend at least 2-4 capsules a day, taken with food. You can take them all together, or some in the morning and some in the evening. I also have it in liquid form (take a teaspoon a day). Remember to keep all fish oil (liquid and capsules) in the fridge once you have opened it, as fish oil will oxidise if exposed to the air.

Please note: krill oil has been discontinued and I am no longer able to supply this product.


View our SYW Omega-3 products, here.
If you’re interested to learn more about the benefits of supplementing with Omega-3,
you can also purchase Dr. Barry Sears’ book, The Omega Rx Zone, here. 

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PureFit Bars 

I have all 7 flavours in stock for $65 a box.

For $25 a box, I have limited dated stock of Almond Crunch and Berry Almond.

You can view and order our PureFit Bars in our online ProZone Shop.


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A testimonial from a happy customer… in Norway! This customer buys PureFit bars from me every couple of weeks and loves them. I wrote to her about a postage problem we had, and this was her reply, “Hello 🙂 Of course, I will. And I am so grateful that you can send it to me here in Norway, ’cause these bars are the only ones I can eat without getting sick in my stomach. So, thank you so much, I will remember that on my next order.”


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