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More Comment on the Paleo Diet

Contributed by Kevin Bateman Bevan Eyles is a fitness professional who writes a weekly feature health wellbeing and diet in the Dominion Post. I have found his articles to be basic sound advice and his comments about the Paleo diet Dom Post Thursday 21 May are no exception. Mr. Eyles writes about the experience of an acquaintance with the Paleo diet who lost 5 kilos in his first month of following its rules which included giving up alcohol and junk food. Eyles quite rightly commented why most diets appear to work i.e. they are a set of rules and any

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That Sugar Film

Everyone is talking about “That Sugar Film” and the book by Damon Gameau in Australia. For 2 months Damon changed his healthy diet to eating the same number of calories but from “healthy” alternatives.  He didn’t eat lollies and biscuits or drink fizzy drinks but he did eat low fat yogurt, drinks like Up & Go and other foods with lots of sugar in them in order to eat 40 teaspoons of sugar a day in his diet.  Fortunately he was closely monitored by doctors, blood tests and other advisors (who mostly told him not to do it at all!). The results

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