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Hi Carol I’m on day 6 of The Zone and feeling soooooo much better than I was. I’m having berries / low fat milk / almonds / protein powder smoothies for breakfast.  1/2 zone bar for each of my three snacks (they are SO yummy).  Fish, a ton of salad veges, avocado / black olives for my lunch and evening meals.  It’s all really easy and I’m never hungry and I’ve already lost that tired / heavy / bloated feeling.  Henry (the dog) is getting longer brisker walks too. I must say that I got a shock when I read

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Fish Oil debate

Following the release last week of a study carried out by the University of Auckland Liggins Institute that found many fish oils on the market contain a third less omega-3 fatty acids than claimed on the label, I want to reassure my customers that the See Yourself Well (SYW) Omega-3 sold by ProZone is certified to the highest standards for fish oil quality in the world, the International Fish Oil Standard (IFOS) 5 star rating.  This is the highest quality IFOS rating whose certification guarantees the safety of SYW fish oil and assures you that you cannot get a higher

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