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I often get asked about LSA.  What about LSA?


LSA is made from almonds which are healthy monounsaturated fat,  linseed  which are omega-3 polyunsaturated fat but 90% less effective than omega-3 in marine oils so have no benefit, and sesame which Dr Sears uses to potentiate his omega-3 fish oil.

It’s a pity about the vegetable omega-3 in linseed, plus it is all ground up so it is much more readily oxidized.  This creates harmful fats.

It is much better to use good natural fats in whole (raw) almonds, pistachios, peanuts, olive oil and avocado to name a few.

We recommend raw nuts.  If you want them roasted, do so just before you eat them.  If you buy ready roasted nuts they are often rancid as they have been sitting around for a while and the fat has oxidized.