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av-_129[1]            Contributed by Kevin Bateman


The last time you read something like that heading it was probably a low fat but very high carbohydrate product.  Not so a new New Zealand made product that is very low in fat and carbohydrate yet is deliciously rich and chocolaty.  Avalanche Sugar Free Cocoa Chocolate Drinking Mix is supposed to be a kids’ product but it is way too good to be reserved for children only. It contains no artificial sweeteners and appears to be flavoured cocoa that is sweetened with the natural sweeteners erythritol and stevia. These sweeteners have negligible effect on blood sugar levels so are very Zone favourable. They do not cause tooth decay but excess amounts of erythritol can have a bloating or laxative effect although you would need quite a lot and this effect is much less so than other sugar alcohols such as manitol or xylitol.

The product is so low in protein, carbohydrate and fat that a normal serving of about 3 teaspoons simply does not count in the Zone. A couple of teaspoons can be added to a cup of hot milk for a delicious rich one balanced block hot chocolate. It can also be used as a no count chocolate drink added to hot water or as a chocolate flavouring. A teaspoon of the powder straight from the can is a satisfying no count alternative to a piece of regular chocolate. Experiment and enjoy.