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Carol’s Corner


Here we are with the end of the year nearly on us. What a turbulent year it has been again with so much uncertainty, fear, and ups and downs with COVID and politics changing every day. It’s hard to keep up and many people have struggled to cope.

The most important thing you can do is keep yourself well. Eat in the Zone, exercise every day (at least a walk), and take time out for yourself whether you meditate, spend time with family and friends, read, dance, paint, write, or sing. I belong to the Wellington Community Choir which is wonderful. I often don’t feel like going to choir practise but come home feeling great. It’s good for the soul.

There is an excellent advertisement on TV at the moment (I don’t usually recommend most ads!) about children taking charge of themselves when they feel bullied or upset. It says “stop, take a deep breath, smile”. It’s great advice and it really helps.

Anyway, summer is almost here and there is a feeling of relief that we have made it. Enjoy the warmer weather and the holidays. Hopefully next year is less traumatic than the last two. Eating over Christmas is easy. Pick your protein first then add in good carbs (easy with salads and a glass of wine) and good fat (avocados are abundant and cheap at the moment). If you overindulge, contact me after Christmas when you need to get back in the Zone.

Make a fruit salad with fresh blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Marinate with sherry, a fruit liqueur, balsamic vinegar, or a fruit vinegar. Serve with yogurt, ice cream, and maybe a meringue or small piece of Christmas cake.

I’ll be away from 16 December until after Anniversary Weekend so please put in any orders early. The bars have nearly all gone but I have plenty of protein powder, fish oil, and protein crisps (a great addition to breakfast or salads). Thank you for your ongoing support and enjoy the Festive Season.

If you want some more information about the Zone and how you can get, or get back, in the Zone, you can contact me via my Contact Form.


Christmas Dates

17th December

Last orders due, as the courier closes from the 21st December.

Please note: Couriers are still taking up to 2 weeks to get to their destination due to the knock-on effect from COVID lock downs.

17th December – 11th January 2021

I am away from the 17th December 2020 to 24th January 2021.

I will re-open on 25th January 2021.

To place your order, contact Carol via our Contact Form.


Wipes Fundraiser


I belong to Rotary, and we are fundraising to fit out two whanau rooms for the new Wellington regional Children’s Hospital. We have almost made our target of $400,000.

We have cartons of antiseptic wipes to sell with all proceeds going to the Children’s hospital. They are $50 for a carton of 24 packets.

These wipes are great for around home, in the car or caravan, and in businesses. My husband and I have just given 10 cartons to a community charity.

These wipes are available to purchase through the link below. Thank you in advance for your contribution to our fundraiser – it is greatly appreciated.

You can purchase the antiseptic wipes, here.


Fish Oil



I have fish oil in both capsule and liquid form in stock. The liquid fish oil is now in glass bottles, but is the same excellent product. It has a slight citrus flavour and one 5ml teaspoon a day is all you need. 

Keep all fish oil in the fridge once you have opened it.

Please note: Krill is no longer being manufactured and I no longer have any stock left.

View our SYW Omega-3 products, here. If you’re interested to learn more about the benefits of supplementing with Omega-3, you can also purchase Dr. Barry Sears’ book, The Omega Rx Zone, here.

You can view and order our full range of products in our online ProZone Shop.


Holiday Tips

Simple Tips To Navigate Holiday Eating

Make What You Enjoy 

This year, try scaling back a bit on the menu and make or bring the things you truly enjoy most and skip the rest. It’s also okay to taste things without finishing them so you feel like you enjoyed without going overboard. Remember not to skip meals throughout the day. That usually is a recipe for eating in excess.

Balance Your Macros

When plating your meal make sure you have a combination of lean protein, healthy carbs, and good fat so you keep hunger and your hormones under control – see the image below for our suggestion on how to balance your plate.

Control Your Portions

It’s easy to say you won’t eat sweets or have an alcoholic beverage, but then when you’re confronted with it lose all willpower. Eat reasonably small portions, limit the foods you know you should limit, and don’t stuff yourself.

Know Your Triggers

Each of us has our “trigger” foods, those foods we just can’t seem to control our intake of. They taste so good but make us feel guilty, tired, low energy, and wanting more. Keeping their intake to one or two events versus repeatedly throughout the season.

Get Your Rest and Stay Hydrated

Not getting enough sleep and letting the stress and anxiety of our worlds get the best of us can leave us tired and fatigued. Often times we replace water with caffeine to stay awake but this makes us mildly dehydrated and thinking we want food when in actuality we’re just tired and thirsty. Keeping hydrated especially before meals can significantly curb how much food we consume at that meal! A slice of orange, lemon or lime will seem refreshing and flavorful; flavored non-caloric seltzers accomplish the same thing while keeping cravings in check.

Get Moving

No matter what activity looks like for you these days, get it in. It could be a simple walk or logging into your gym online to keep up with your healthy routines. Exercise can be just the thing to increase your energy, reduce stress, and get your blood flowing. By being active in the morning, you’ll improve your insulin sensitivity, making your body more ready to handle the calories during the day and also eliminate some of the holiday stress.

Be Present

Take the time to really enjoy those you are able to be with. Enjoy the conversations, be present, and savor not only the company but the food you eat. Eat slow, put your fork down between bites, and taste each mouthful. This is one of the easiest ways to enjoy your meal and feel satisfied with one plate full of food without going back for more.


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