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Carol’s Corner


I hope you are all coping with the prolonged lock down, the grim daily numbers, and the uncertainty about what is ahead. We are lucky in Wellington to have relative freedom and I am heartened to see so many people in the street wearing their masks, scanning in at stores, and generally keeping to the rules. We are still all in this together and we have summer around the corner.

Fortunately, with so much isolation and social distancing we are not getting the usual spike in flu and colds that we normally see at this time of year. However, I can’t stress enough how important it is for your health and well being to keep in the Zone. It increases your serotonin (feel good hormone) levels, helps to keep you healthy and control your weight, and improves your immune system. The other thing we can all do to keep healthy is to have the vaccine. It may not stop you from getting COVID-19 but it should stop you getting very ill if you do get it.

I have done a lot of reading over winter and have prepared the vegetable garden. Even though vegetables are relatively cheap, by the time we come to harvest ours there is a certain satisfaction in eating something you have grown yourself.

Lately I’ve been cooking quick, simple meals with a nice fresh salad or lots of light, cooked vegetables. I love salmon and eat it several times a week as sashimi (prepared myself) for lunch with soy sauce and wasabi (as well as some raw vegetables, such as radishes, grated carrot, or whatever you fancy).

The other day I bought a beautiful salmon fillet and cooked it to perfection as follows:
Put baking paper in the bottom of a frying pan – you don’t need to add any oils or butter to the pan. Place your fillet skin side down and cook it for 5-6 minutes on one side. Turn it over and cook for another 5 minutes.
The skin will be crispy. If you don’t like eating the skin, it will peel off very easily. Serve with a lovely fresh salad or some vegetables and a glass of wine. Enjoy.

If you want some more information about the Zone and how you can get, or get back, in the Zone, you can contact me via my Contact Form.


Delivery Delays


I have had several clients contact me about delayed deliveries. Some deliveries have taken as long as 2 weeks for what would normally take only a couple of days. As you will be aware, couriers are almost completely overwhelmed with the huge demand, especially in the Auckland region. They told me that during Level 4 they could only have 2 people processing parcels in their depot. While that situation has eased, they are still trying to catch up.
If you are concerned about a delayed delivery, please contact me so I can track the parcel and/or give you the tracking number so you can see where it’s at.

Please order your products before you run out, especially with Christmas coming up. I have plenty of protein powder and fish oil in stock, as well as protein crisps (both plain and cocoa). I still have supplies of some bars (not Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Brownie) before they are discontinued – see further in the newsletter for more information about this.

You can view and order our full range of products in our online ProZone Shop.


PureFit Bars

*Important Announcement*


The manufacturer of PureFit bars has gone out of business so PureFit have gone to another manufacturer. They have changed the formula of the new bars to higher protein and lower sugar which is a good thing on the one hand but, unfortunately, they are no longer a balanced 30-40-40 bar which has always been our point of difference and made it easy to stay in the Zone.

There are already several high protein, low sugar bars on the market here, mostly locally made and cheaper so we have reluctantly made the difficult decision to stop importing the PureFit bars.

With the difficulties around COVID-19 and the huge increase in freight costs and compliance costs it is no longer viable for me to import the bars. This is a devastating decision after being the New Zealand distributor for about the last 15 years, and especially seeing as we were just starting to get them into the supermarkets.

There are several high protein bars out there but most of them are not very nice and not balanced. I am looking for an alternative and will keep you posted. In the meantime, if you have a bar that you like and would like to know how to make it a balanced bar please send me a clear picture of the label and I will work out how to balance it.

When we started ProZone we taught good nutrition and how to achieve this by using “real” food from the supermarket. The bars became a side-line for us along with our protein powder, fish oil and protein crisps, all of which I will keep selling. I have very limited bars left and I will no longer fill bulk orders, but I still have the other products available.

Remember, that there is plenty of good food out there and it is about being organised. There are lots of ideas in our book including 30 ideas for one-block snacks. If you need help, please contact me.

You can purchase our ProZone Recipe and Zone Guidebook, here. Not only does it have great ideas for one-block snacks, it also includes over 100 recipes using New Zealand-based ingredients. 

You can view and order our full range of products in our online ProZone Shop.


Fish Oil



I have fish oil in both capsule and liquid form in stock. The liquid fish oil is now in glass bottles, but is the same excellent product. It has a slight citrus flavour and one 5ml teaspoon a day is all you need. 

Keep all fish oil in the fridge once you have opened it.

Please note: Krill is no longer being manufactured and I no longer have any stock left.

View our SYW Omega-3 products, here. If you’re interested to learn more about the benefits of supplementing with Omega-3, you can also purchase Dr. Barry Sears’ book, The Omega Rx Zone, here.

You can view and order our full range of products in our online ProZone Shop.


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