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Makes four 3 block meals of protein

360 gm      Chicken Breast

1               Large onion

1               Garlic (I use fresh crushed garlic)

1               Ginger (optional – fresh crushed)

1               Red capsicum

Soy sauce (I use lite soy sauce)

2 tsp          Curry powder

2 tbsb        Peanut butter (I use Pic’s crunchy peanut butter)

2 tsp          Worcester sauce

1 tsp        Sweet thai chilli sauce

165ml tin   Lite coconut milk

Using a large deep pan brown the diced onion and garlic in a small amount of peanut oil.  Dice up the chicken and brown it.  Dice up the capsicum and add it with the rest of the ingredients.  Cover and cook on a low heat for 45-60 minutes.   Serve with lots of vegetables.  I usually make cauliflower rice with broccoli, brussel sprouts or whatever other vegetables I have on hand.   You may need a glass of wine with your meal and a piece of fruit afterwards to get the right carb balance.      This is a quick easy tasty meal and is even tastier the next day as leftovers.