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Sugar Dense Food to Avoid

Whenever you restrict dense refined carbohydrates you are doing your health, weight and wellbeing a favour. The following are equivalent amounts of sugar in teaspoons in typical servings: pasta 180g serving = 8 tsp rice 150 g serving = 10 tsp potatoes 150 g = 6 tsp kumara 150 g = 6 tsp refined breakfast cereals 30 g = 7 tsp fruit juice 1 glass = 6 tsp banana = 6 tsp parsnip = 4 tsp sultanas 60 g = 8 tsp Instead of pasta, make zoodles with zucchini and a spiraliser. Make cauliflower rice instead of rice. Use new potatoes

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More Comment on the Paleo Diet

Contributed by Kevin Bateman Bevan Eyles is a fitness professional who writes a weekly feature health wellbeing and diet in the Dominion Post. I have found his articles to be basic sound advice and his comments about the Paleo diet Dom Post Thursday 21 May are no exception. Mr. Eyles writes about the experience of an acquaintance with the Paleo diet who lost 5 kilos in his first month of following its rules which included giving up alcohol and junk food. Eyles quite rightly commented why most diets appear to work i.e. they are a set of rules and any

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